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  1. Laboratory diagnosis of tick-borne infections

    We were asked to perform a systematic literature search followed by an overview of available research on laboratory diagnosis and co-infections of tick-borne diseases.


  2. The accuracy of using open-ended questions in structured conversations with children

    We aimed to assess the accuracy of using open-ended questions versus other types of questions in structured conversations with children.


  3. Interventions for people exposed to or who perpetrate violence

    We were commissioned to search for empirical research literature on treatment for people who are exposed to, or perpetrators of, violence. We mapped the prevalence of of systematic reviews.


  4. Effectiveness of treatment for psychosis

    The Centre for shared decision-making asked us to summarize findings about the effectiveness of relevant treatment options to ease the symptoms for persons with psychosis.


  5. Training and information interventions for children and youth to prevent and uncover violence, abuse and offence

    We were commissioned to map out both quantitative and qualitative evidence on interventions for children and youth to prevent and uncover violence, abuse and offence against children and youth.


  6. The effectiveness of screening all pregnant women versus pregnant women with risk factors for gestational diabetes

    We were asked to summarize available research about the effect of screening all pregnant women for gestational diabetes compared with screening only women with risk factors for gestational diabetes.


  7. Annual Report 2018

    The annual report describes the research in the Centre for Fertility and Health and sums up 2018.


  8. Effectiveness of treatment for pancreatic cyst

    A summary of key findings from systematic reviews about the comparative effectiveness of active observation versus surgery in patients with pancreatic cyst.


  9. How effective are primary prevention interventions to prevent tobacco use for children and youth? An overview of systematic reviews

    We conducted an overview of reviews to examine the effects of primary tobacco prevention interventions – delivered in small social environments – for children and youth.


  10. Long-tailed silverfish – Biology and control

    This document, produced by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in collaboration with Norsk Hussopp Forsikring, summarises the level of knowledge in 2019


  11. Patent foramen ovale closure, antiplatelet therapy or anticoagulation therapy alone for management of cryptogenic stroke

    This report evaluates catheter-based PFO closure as an alternative treatment to antiplatelet therapy or anticoagulation for patients with a PFO having suffered a stroke.


  12. Physical and physiological effects of bed rest

    The commission was to identify research literature about physical and physiological effects of bed rest in older adults.


  13. Post-Exertional Malaise (PEM)

  14. Advice and guidelines for concurrent health- and work related interventions

    What exists of advice and guidelines about concurrent health and work related interventions for adults with mental health problems and/or musculoskeletal diseases, who that are on sick leave, receive

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  15. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for osteonecrosis

    We have summarized research on the clinical effect and safety HBOT as a treatment for osteonecrosis. We have also examined the cost-effectiveness and budget consequences of HBOT.


  16. Influenza Virological and Epidemiological Information prepared for the WHO Consultation on the Composition of Influenza Virus Vaccines for the Northern Hemisphere 2019–2020 Beijing, February 2019

    The WHO National Influenza Centre Norway at the NIPH prepares a report for WHO every February and September that describes the influenza situation in Norway.


  17. Early risk assessment: What to expect of the 2018/19 influenza season in Norway

    This brief report presents the assessment by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health(NIPH) on the influenza situation early in the 2018/2019 season.