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Here is an overview of projects at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. You can sort or search among ongoing or concluded projects.

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  1. «European Test and Risk Assessment Strategies for Mixtures (EuroMix) – a human biomonitoring study

    The Horizon 2020 EuroMix project aims to provide validated test strategies for the hazard and exposure assessments of chemical mixtures.

  2. Accuracy of open-ended questions in teachers’ structured conversations with children to uncover abuse, neglect or psychosocial problems

    On the accuracy of open-ended questions in structured conversations between children and daycare and school employees.

  3. Alcohol drinking patterns among parents and long-term health and social consequences among their children

    This project will study the long-term effects of various forms of parental drinking patterns in regard to their children’s mental health, substance use and workforce non-participation.

  4. Alcohol policy and public opinion

    The project investigates trends and changes in public opinion on alcohol policies, and the structure and determinants of attitudes towards policies. The data are mainly based on population surveys.

  5. Analysis of miRNA and DNA methylation stautus in ADHD triads

    This project will investigate whether epigenetic status at birth is important for neurodevelopmental disorders appearing in childhood and persisting into adulthood.

  6. Are there dietary and lifestyle factors for the self-prevention of suicide?

    The objective of this project is to examine if dietary and lifestyle factors have a role in suicide prevention.

  7. Asymptomatic Salmonella carriers – Incidence and Factors

    This project will investigate how many people in Norway remain carriers of Salmonella bacteria after they have had a Salmonella infection and why.

  8. Beneficial effect of breastfeeding on offspring long-term health: consequence or maternal pre-existing risk profile?

    The study will investigate the effect of breastfeeding on child health at 7 years of age.

  9. Briefly summarised

    Owners, practitioners and users of the Norwegian health care services seek answers to a variety of research questions.

  10. Cannabis in Norway

    Of the illicit drugs, cannabis is used most both in Norway and in the wider Western world. We know far too little about people’s consumption of cannabis in Norway.

  11. Child abuse and pregnancy planning within the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study

    Is there an association between childhood abuse and later pregnancy planning, and is an unplanned pregnancy associated with adverse health outcomes for mother and child?

  12. Children with excessive crying and sleeping problems in infancy and mothers’ psychosocial health. Short and long term perspectives

    The relationship between infant crying and sleep problems and mothers’ psychosocial health and long-term developmental consequences of crying and sleep problems on children.

  13. Chronic Lyme Disease (CLD) – an approach to gain a better understanding of the phenomenon

    This project will investigate the occurrence of chronic Lyme borreliosis, describe the characteristic of this condition, and look for possible tick-transferred infectious agents.

  14. Cochrane Norway

    Overview over activities at Cochrane Norway.

  15. Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Surveys

    The Commonwealth Fund (CMWF) is a foundation in the United States, which aims to promote healthcare systems with better accessibility, quality and efficiency.

  16. Controlled donation after circulatory death (cDCD) using normothermic regional perfusion in patients who die after withdrawal of life sustaining treatment

    An HTA on organ donation with the use of normothermic regional perfusion in patients who die of cardiac and respiratory arrest after withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment.

  17. Correlations between different parenting practices and well-being in children: a systematic mapping review’

    The Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs wants an overview of research that has looked at correlations between different ways of doing parenting and well-being in children.

  18. Dependency/Addiction

    In this project we will be studying social representations of addiction.

  19. Determinants of hypertension following pregnancy

    The project will contribute to our understanding of the life-course epidemiology of cardiovascular disease in women and guide in the development of relevant intervention strategies.

  20. Development of an instrument to measure children’s/adolescents’ experiences with outpatient child and adolescent mental health services

    The goal of the project is to develop a reliable and valid questionnaire that can be used both in national and local surveys.