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Interlaboratory Comparison on POPs in Food 2017

The 18th round of the interlaboratory comparison study on the determination of PCDDs/PCDFs, PCBs and brominated flame retardants in three food items were conducted in spring of 2017.

  • Utgitt: November 2017
  • Av: Folkehelseinstituttet
  • Forfattere: Bremnes NB, Thomsen C.
  • ISBN ELEKTRONISK: 978-82-8082-885-9


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The objectives were to assess the in-between laboratory reproducibility, to offer a quality assurance instrument for the participating laboratories, and to assess the readiness of expert laboratories worldwide to determine low levels of these POPs in food. We hereby present the final report of the POPs in Food-2017 study.

POPs in food 2017_ Omslag.png