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Research findings

New effective control method found to control long-tailed silverfish


Long-tailed silverfish bait.

Long-tailed silverfish infestations can be fought safely and effectively with tiny amounts of poisoned bait, according to recent studies from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.


Researchers from the Department of Pest Control conducted several laboratory and field studies in order to find the optimal method. Their promising laboratory results were reproduced in different premises, including an apartment complex, terraced housing, a kindergarten, a shop and in libraries.

They found that using tiny amounts of poisoned bait to combat long-tailed silverfish is effective over time. Many long-tailed silverfish die after eating the bait, but there is a secondary poisoning effect when any remaining silverfish eat their bodies.

"Pest controllers who adopt this strategy can now offer safe and effective control at a much lower price than before," says Dr. Anders Aak, researcher in the Department of Pest Control.